Welcome to the Smithmoor Range! Our facility, located near Carpenter Wyoming, is home to two shooting ranges. The East Smithmoor Range has a heated and insulated shooting house from which the competitors fire from that allows range use even in the worst of the winter. This range is 200 yards long and has a capacity of 30 competitors. We run mostly 22 BPCRA silhouette events here and host a "Winter Series" from November through April. We also offer monthly Historic Target Rifle matches that are reminiscent of the types of matches that were tremendously popular during the early 1900's.

At the West Smithmoor Range, we maintain a NRA 500 meter BPCR silhouette range that will accommodate either 25 BPCR shooters or 48 22 BPCRA shooters. We have both room and plans to expand this range to accommodate more competitors. This range sports a heated and insulated clubhouse along with an 80 foot covered, concrete firing line.  We are adding a bunkhouse and bigger kitchen area for those weekend shooters to stay at.   We have dry camping and 6 RV spots available for use during matches. 

We are local farmers and business men and we built these ranges with a lot of support and encouragement from a large group of generous competitors and supporters. It is our sincere desire to provide a place where families can gather to enjoy a day of shooting together. Three generations of shooters are often seen at the range. Come be a part of the most fun and challenging shooting sport, Black Powder Cartridge Rifle! The shooting sport for the true riflemen!